Thrill of the Moose HuntPosted October 4, 2018

Hunting is a culture of its own. It builds relationships between hunters, it’s passed down from one generation to the next, and it fosters a valuable connection to the land and the outdoors. The appeal of being able to provide for yourself and your family, and knowing your purpose, is rooted deeply in Northwestern Ontario’s culture!

Moose hunting is the best experience to encompass all of these things. It often starts months ahead of time with planning, reviewing maps, getting your group together and sorting out the details. As the hunt gets closer, planning ramps up to cover camp needs, meal and travel particulars, who will bring what, and what you will do if you harvest an animal.

Then it is time to go!

Groups get together and set out from Wild Goose Lake Resort, towing trailers, quads and boats. The planning continues during the trip, the stories begin and you are officially moose hunting. You’ll scout on day one, get the lay of the land, call in a few prime spots, and look for fresh sign before getting ready for an early start the next day. Day two involves pulling out before first light to get to your spot and walking in quietly, breathing the cool air and anticipating the excitement of seeing a moose. Before you know it the sun is peeking over the trees and you can feel the arrival of the day.

When someone from your group calls, everyone holds their breath while they wait for a response. If you are lucky, you hear it – a call back, a rack slashing in the branches or footsteps in the swamp. If you are really lucky, you get a visual – a head poking out of the tree line and a giant moving with purpose into your sights.

Hunt camp

Every hunter has their own ideas of what they should do, where they should go, where they want to stay and how big of a group they want. A hunt camp like Wild Goose Lake Resort has been a home away from home to many: lone hunters, groups well into the double digits, small groups of brand new hunters, groups who have been hunting together for decades, and of course both archery and rifle hunters.

Whatever the size, experience level or age, hunt camp is an integral part of the experience. Wild Goose Lake Resort is situated in WMU 19, but right on the border of WMU 21A which are both terrific hunting areas. You can make it to a perfect spot in 15 minutes or spend 45 minutes to get a little farther in.

Either way, you know you will have a warm cottage to come back to and settle in to reflect on the day and plan your next move.

Every day you are likely to strike up a conversation with another hunter or meet people in the lodge going over maps, catching the score of the game on TV or playing a game of pool. The experience changes every year in camp, but the shared sense of purpose and determination creates a place where every effort is applauded, advice is shared and everyone wants to see you succeed. The hanging pole becomes a meeting place whenever a moose is pulled in and everyone looks to congratulate those who are lucky enough to be standing there with a beautiful animal.

We love every minute of it! Our home at Wild Goose Lake Resort becomes yours for a while, a place enshrined in your stories and one you look forward to visiting again.